Garry Corbett


My association with the Diskery goes back to the early 1970’s when I used to visit and browse at the shop opposite the Hippodrome in Hurst Street. When the business moved premises to the current location I was a more regular visitor as I worked at a nearby library suppliers in Wrenham Street and spent many a lunch hour escaping to browse the shelves at the Diskery.


From 1975 to 1979 I managed a record shop myself, Threshold Records, in the Birmingham Shopping Centre (above New Street Station). I then joined PRT Records (formerly Pye) as a sales representative and began visiting the Diskery in this capacity every month and getting to know Jimmy and Liam better. Later I joined Castle Communications and so my association with the Diskery continued in a professional capacity until the year 2000. Now I’m a punter once more and hope to continue visiting the shop as it moves into its latest phase.


I’m also a photographer on the jazz scene. I’m currently working on an ongoing project called ‘Stolen Moments’ which sees me making photographic portraits of people associated with the jazz world. These are published online on a monthly basis on Peter Bacon’s blog and also appear as a Flickr Collection

Photographs of Jimmy and Liam have already featured in my project.


Garry Corbett

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