Jacob. D

Whether a serious record collector or just a music fan The Diskery is well worth a visit if you want to see a real old fashioned record shop before they become extinct.

Seemingly dedicated to the analogue format, VHS tapes are also on offer out front with a rotation of weekly Vinyl specials on offer for the keen eyed passer by.

Inside is a treasure chest of music memorabilia without an inch of the interior space left uncovered by music posters, think of the bedroom of a teenage music obsessive and your close to the dedication that’s gone into this place.

And no High Fidelity bad altitude here at least not on my visit, it was all smiles as regulars traded banter with the owner across the counter.

Something of a legend in Birmingham music circles and even receiving an endorsement from Birmingham rapper Maleek of MD7, The Diskery is an essential destination for anyone who wishes to see a genuine bit of Birmingham.



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